Our flagship channel Jameslove Studios has been giving an audience of over 20 subscribers their weekly media fix for over a year.

JLS has covered everything from computer Software to Grip Hardwear and will continue to focus on upcoming technologies.

Sonic News Is giving its 10 subscribers something to talk about


sonic news is new to Love Media Group and strives on giving you true news and updates form Love Media Group and its Partners

Jameslove Gaming has been giving an audience of over 30 subscribers their gaming fix for over four years.

JLG has covered everything from Single-player to MMO's and will continue to focus on the games worth playing.

Love Media Group now goes live

Love Media Group was created 5 years ago and has been entertaining its 92 followers live every Monday at 15:00 (3:00 PM) 


Love Media Group is a full-service production agency with decades of collective experience in web video and social media and influencer marketing. We've worked with brands as small as Intv London and North Herts College all the way to large multinationals like Sneak.

Our passion for video creation and storytelling makes us a perfect partner for your next creative project. We not only have a deep understanding of Media but also of the people who watch it. Over the years we've built a community of hundreds of New and professional Cinematographers on YouTube, social media, and our own Discord server.

It starts with a conversation. Tell us your Story or marketing goals and let us bring you the solution.

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